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Durafort - Paper backed

Paper Backed Contract Wallcoverings 

Durafort & Originals Contract Wallcoverings are available in a comprehensive range of modern designs, in vibrant, fashionable colours. Both collections are produced on a paper backing with a weight of between 300 - 390g / m2. Due to it's special scratch resistant surface coating, our paper backed contract wallcoverings are the most resilient and versatile available. From partitioning walls (especially suitable for Durafort) to general refurbishment in projects like hospitals, offices and hotels, Durafort and Originals Contract Wallcoverings are the best choice to withstand the rigours of modern living.

Versa - Fabric Backed
Suwide - Fabric Backed

Fabric Backed Contract Wallcoverings 

If you prefer stronger wallcoverings with a fabric (textile or non-woven) backing we offer a wide variety of collections from the biggest brands in the world. Fabric backed wallcoverings have an average lifespan of 10-years and are engineered for high traffic areas and are perfect for hotel rooms, corridors and lift lobbies.

All our fabric backed wallcoverings have excellent scratch resistance and are treated with anti-microabials, creating a finish suitable for the health care industry. Versa is about freedom of expression and features collections that evoke feelings of depth and purpose while Vycon and Symphony feature some of the best printing and colour pallets in the industry.

Vycon - Fabric Backed
Symphony - Fabric Backed