italian flair

Introducing our latest exclusive stock collection, CVLTO. (Pronounced “Culto”)

This collection is designed and manufactured in Italy and stocked locally in South Africa.

Welcome to the luxurious world of Italian quality and flair by Cristiana Masi and Parato.


The creative research behind this collection is based on craftsmanship, landscapes and Mediterranean architectures. There is a mix of textile interweaving, of mural elements as well as vegetal ones giving birth to a figurative and cultural eclecticism aimed to describe our society and identify the taste of our time. Every element evokes a story and lets us think and escape from what surrounds us. 

There is no ostentation but only the correct balance between design, creativity and perception. Ethereal, smooth and silent lines draw up a new lifestyle, slow and conscious and able to resist through time for its communicating ability. There is an iconic value behind every surface inviting the observer to go beyond the visible and retrieve emotional reactions and transform in culto new collective imagination’s references.

CE marked in compliance with European standard EN 15102 and certified IGI (Global Wallcoverings Association ) in compliance with the product standards EN 233: 1999 ed EN 259-1: 2016. Certified ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 14001 (Environment)


Contact your Sales consultant or our office to request a catalogue

Contact your Sales consultant or our office to request a catalogue

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